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Get beautiful brows! 

We are thrilled to welcome experienced brow tattooist, Cairo Celeste to the Headstart team. She uses world renowned ECURI pigments and machines, and offers brow micropigmentation, brow feathering, 3D brows and ombré brows for women and men alike who want to freshen their look and define their brows. Find out more here.
Cairo did this ombré/feather combination for Simone (left) and her brows look amazing!
 Call us on 09 818 5283 to book your appointment with Cairo.


Have a course of peels to rejuvenate and soften your skin! 

Peels safely promote the formation of healthy collagen and elastin while assisting with conditions such as acne, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. An Environ peel will even your skin tone, lighten its appearance and leave you with a lovely healthy glow. 

For a limited time you’ll receive a course of three peels for only $150! Call us now on 818 5283 to make an appointment.



We've fallen in love with ghd's new limited edition wanderlust collection! 

Available in ghd platinum tropic sky (see left, $360) and ghd V ruby sunset (see here, $310). Simone  particularly recommends the platinum styler for anyone with long, thick hair.

ghd launched back in 2001 and immediately drew a cult like following that continues to this day. Not only will your hair look as fabulous as your styler, but features such as universal voltage and automatic shut off will give you peace of mind as well.



Angel En Provence - flawless results & 100% cruelty free! 

The Angel En Provence hair care range is specifically formulated to be gentle while giving flawless results. It's formulations are based on a harmonious blend of technology and the purest forms of cold pressed essential oils and plant extracts including helichrysum, verbena, orange flower, lavender, rosemary, green tea, rose and grapefruit. 

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