Brow tattoo


Your brows should lift your eyes, refresh your face and can take years off you!

Your eyebrows can make or break a look. With the trend for a full, yet subtly arched brow set to continue, we are thrilled to welcome experienced brow tattooist, Cairo Celeste to the Headstart team.

Cairo uses world renowned ECURI pigments and machines, and offers brow micropigmentation, brow feathering, 3D brows and ombré brows for women and men alike who want to freshen their look and define their brows.

Your brow tattoo session will take 2½-3 hours, including a comprehensive consultation and brow templating. The two part procedure also includes a perfecting session after four weeks. Results last 12-24 months, depending on the individual, and you can book a refresh whenever you desire. 

Get beautifully tattooed brows for just $550

Includes your follow-up brow tattoo perfecting session after four weeks.

We offer a Zip payment option for your convenience.

We offer:

Brow micro pigmentation

Brow feathering

3D brows

Ombré  brows

Just look at these fabulous results!

Brow tattoo - Headstart Total Body - Glen Eden



Cairo did the new ombré feather combination for Simone and her brows look amazing!

Call us on 09 818 5283 to book your appointment for beautiful brows!

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