Medi Pedi

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Book a Medi Pedi with Bronwyn for greater comfort and improved appearance of existing conditions or for the prevention of foot problems. Suitable for anyone with cracked heels, dry or calloused skin, hot or cold feet or concerns about foot odour.
Bronwyn uses premium products from GEHWOL, which translated means walk well. GEHWOL are international leaders in foot and nail care products and use only the finest ingredients and formulations to develop their products.
Bronwyn will tailor your pedicure to your specific needs and concerns.

Only $59 for a 45 minute appointment.

Essential Foot Care

Conditions such as poor eyesight, arthritis or the inability to bend and move freely can make cutting your own toenails difficult or even impossible. Trimmed nails are an important part of keeping your feet comfortable and you mobile, fit and healthy. Put your feet up and let Bronwyn take care of it for you.

Before & afterYour foot care service will be tailored to your specific needs and  may include a cuticle tidy, nail trim, sloughing off rough skin and a foot massage.

Only $59 for a 45 minute appointment

Please note, this is not a podiatry service. It is for medically low risk individuals who have difficulty managing their own foot care.


"I would like to thank Bronwyn for the extremely professional and friendly service in looking after my feet. As I'm getting older it is more difficult to reach my feet to give them the care that they need. It is also nice to have nice painted toe nails, and to have time out with quiet music playing in the background.  Would recommend anyone with sore or tired feet to try this out for monthly pampering and relaxing."

Gail Raper