Meet The Team at Headstart

More About Simone

Simone has been cutting hair since she was 16 and is the artistic owner and head stylist at Headstart Total Body. Being a natural educator not only for the team at Headstart but she also serves on the board at NZQHA. Simone is also an assessor for new hairdressers in the industry. Simone loves to modernise a classic look to make them fun and wearable for her clients. Simone lives with her husband Wayne and daughters Nikita and Lexi with their family dog Haizer.

More About Emma

Emma is one of our head stylists and has been with Headstart for many years. She has a gentle kind personality with a thoughtful artistic spirit to match. Her work styles range from natural and soft through to bolder looks with pops of colour. Emma is skilled and conversant in all aspects of hairdressing and is an industry assessor as well. She loves to share her knowledge with her team and to help this Emma often engages with one of our colorists to work under her supervision. Emma lives with her husband Lex, daughter Grace and son Bevon with their family pets being two cats Basil and Wick

Weakness - Can’t stand clowns and old porcelain dolls

More About Gina

Gina is a senior stylist at Headstart, she loves getting to know her clients as this is a part of what keeps her excited about her craft and the industry. Gina is a Matrix Color specialist and part of the Matrix education team, whilst using her knowledge to create exactly what her clients are envisioning when they sit down in her chair.  She is an expert at Cezanne smoothings and chemical straightenings while also enjoying creating new hair styles for clients. Gina lives with her two daughters Nyah and Jorja.

More About Bronwyn 

More About Steve

Steve is a senior  hairstylist who has worked in hairdressing for more years than he cares to remember. He loves building strong connections with his clients and helping them express their personalities through their hairstyle. Steve is especially enthusiastic for short hairstyles. He brings his abundance of energy, passion and humour to work everyday. He lives with his fiance Lesley and dog Charlie, a cute little Jack russel. He also has two teenage daughters Brianna and Jaime. 

Weakness - can't tell the time

More About Jess 

Jess is a fully qualified stylist and recently transitioned into an emerging stylist. Jess loves to attend numerous educational classes each year so as to always be knowledgeable of the best and healthiest techniques to use. Jess has a particular passion in creative colours and long hair cutting. Jess lives with her mum and dad and husband Troy.

Weaknesses - Dairy, Gluten, Oats, Dust, and Don’t come close to her with fruit 

More about Ceanne

I am a total sucker for organisation, I like things a particular way. Which is great for making  everyone's bookings. I’d like to agree with the saying tidiness is close to godliness. But I’m not just a workaholic, outside of work I love to play a bit of footy and go to the beach in the summer. Definitely love a good sunny day outdoors. When it’s raining I’d rather be inside watching movies or playing piano. 


Fun fact: I am one of 8 biological siblings, two of whom were surrogacies.